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All About Love Magick

Ahh, Love. We all experience it throughout our lives. It's one of those universally felt things in every walk of life. It's also why it is one of the most powerful forms of Magick! There has been a lot of debate on the use of love Magick and its "ethics" but today I want to discuss what the debate is all about and my standpoint on the matter. Through this post I want to share my take on love Magick and where I believe the line has to be drawn.

Love Magick has only recently been viewed in a negative light particularly with the rise of Wicca. Before then love Magick was a part of what being a witch was all about, bringing joy and happiness to others. The idea sprang that love Magick takes away the free will of others (but doesn't all Magick do that?) so you can have a happy life with a person you love and yes that can be the case for some and those types of areas I tend to stay away from but if they are healthy about how they want to achieve love then what is the issue with using Magick for that?

I want happiness and success for all of my clients even in the love department but there is a limit to what I will do. If they come to me asking to bring their ex back that is an immediate "NO". They are an ex for a reason, it will hurt that they are gone but they will have taught you life lessons which you can transfer with you into your new relationship. I will help you ease a broken heart as well as bringing around new love for when the time is right but no way am I bringing your ex back to you. Would you?!

There is another form of love Magick which I tend to stay away from and that is one which aims to entrap a person. We do not start healthy relationships with kidnapping so what has made you

want to do that now? some of the main reasons I stay away from this is mainly due to safety reasons. An entrapped lover may start to become obsessive to the point it becomes dangerous and you either end up hurt or trapped yourself! that doesn't sound like happiness to me. You could also fall out of love with said Lover and begin to resent them but you are now tied together with a powerful bond and you will not find a way out unless you go back to that witch and hope they can undo what has been done. Though usually they will tell you it will cost more and rightfully so, we gave you the warning and you chose to ignore it.

I do however do love Magick which is not directed at a person specifically but will bring love to you. I love this kind of use for love Magick as it brings an essence of romance into your life, you ride life on a high filled with a new found eye for the world, and people, around you. It brings love from unexpected places that you never thought you would have found it and creates a well of happiness for you. Another area of love Magick I work on is taking a relationship to the next stage. Say, for example, you have been dating for many years and you are still waiting for those

infamous lines "Will You Marry Me?" well you have come to the right witch. Marriage shouldn't have to take an eternity so why not give it a nudge in your favour? Marriage is such a beautiful moment in every relationship (If you are into marriage that is) which allows for more than just a joining of families but also a lot more legal grounds for both of you.

Moving on to the magickal area of Self-Love and why this is something that is important for you to attract love? Self-love brings confidence and what isn't sexier than confidence! Being able to feel happy in your own skin is a personal achievement for all of us but it isn't as. difficult as one might think. The secret is, you guessed it, confidence. Sometimes we have to fake confidence to actually begin feeling confident. Wear that outfit you know looks beautiful on you and that you enjoy even if it makes you stand out. Just know that you are also standing out in all the right ways too! I focus my love Magick on raising your confidence and inner "glow" but that a doesn't mean you can sit there and do nothing about it, you gotta' do some leg work too. Usually whenever someone books in my specialised spell service and wants self love I make an oil that can be worn to help you feel like the god(dess) that you rightfully are as well as a spell which I will do for you. It has had wonderful results and to see that in people will never fail to bring joy to me too!

So there we have it, Love Magick, is it really as bad as it is made out to be? I don't believe so. There is something ancient about love Magick that connects you deeply to the energy of love and the weight it has within the universe.

Bask in the love

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