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Dealing With Energy Vampires

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

What if I told you "Vampires walk among us!" you'd probably think I'm crazy, right? well, it's true, vampires do walk among us and in this post we will be discussing a certain type of vampire.

When we think of Vampires we probably think of this guy right here, or depending on your view of vampire "aesthetic" the more glittery of the bunch in the form of Edward Cullen, Teenage heartthrob and all round gaslighter. Either way you couldn't be further from the reality of what an energy vampire, is... though Mr Cullen is probably a good example of Energy Vampire and I will explain why.

Energy Vampires are exactly that, they suck the life out of you, not through blood, but through energy transferral. They will continue to feed from you until you have nothing left to give and they will move on to the next person and the cycle continues. Now, many energy vampires don't even realise they are doing it so no fault to their own but they will need to work on themselves, however there are also many who know exactly what they're doing and take quite the enjoyment in doing so! Energy, or psychic, vampires can be found in your relationships, your family, neighbours, work colleagues, you name it Psychic Vampires can be anyone and that is where danger lies. So what are some of the signs to look out for?

They are Never at Fault

Energy Vampires are great with charisma and can be often mixed with narcissists. They are able to escape from trouble and pin the issues on other people. They are never accountable for if they mess up and the blame will shift to someone else such as "I don't understand what I did wrong. I'm just sat here" or "We only failed our assignment because of [name]. I told I should have been in charge"

Drama Seems to Follow Them Everywhere

Energy Vampires will always be in the heat of the drama and they LOVE IT! They usually insert themselves into "drama" where they had nothing to do with it in the first place or they will start drama and try and shove it onto you to fix and deal with. "Why does everyone always start on me?!" or "I don't know what to do at this point, [name] doesn't want to talk to me anymore and I did nothing wrong. Why can't everyone see me like you can?" You may notice many energy vampires on social media, and I've had my fair share of encounters especially on Tiktok, it's the perfect breeding ground for energy vampires because it also brings them views and attention.

Their Problems are ALWAYS Worse Than Yours

As, we have mentioned, Energy Vampires feed off of your energy, especially your emotional energy. When you are having an emotional moment of sadness or pain your energy is already dwindling. This is the perfect time for them to switch the attention on them and it becomes an emotional buffet for them. "I know you're sad but I've got depression" or "I know you are bogged down with work but my issue with [name] is much more important right now". Somehow they will flip it round to them being more important instead of actually helping you. I had a "friend" who would ALWAYS try and down play my problems to make theirs seem so much worse. When attention shifted away from them they would always bring it back with their problems and no matter how many times people tried to help them they ignored advice to continue manipulation people into giving sympathy.

They Guilt Trip You

Energy Vampires will always go to this fail-safe tactic of guilt tripping or giving you an ultimatum. They know it works every time and so they will use it to their advantage. Ultimatums are an excellent way of forcing a person into choice "It's either me, or them" or "Why would you hurt me like that? You said you would never hurt me" or the worst of all "What do you expect me to do without you?! I will kill myself without you". Though it is dramatic refer back to point number 2. Energy Vampires know that shame and pity is a great weapon against people who are compassionate and caring and they will absolutely use this weapon.

They Criticise or Bully You

in many cases, insecurity is at the heart of an Energy Vampire and they will use dehumanising tactics to make you feel this way too. Always leaving you on edge. "I told you right from beginning you couldn't do it!" or "Everyone else seems to enjoy hurting me, so why not you?!" They will keep you thinking that YOU are the problem and that you should work on yourself to be better like them. Within this they will also gaslight you into believe that YOU are the problem or that YOU are the ones who have been making things up. They will make you feel crazy and unsure about yourself and this will in turn keep you unbalanced and emotionally vulnerable.

These were a few KEY identifiers of Psychic Vampires and what to look out for but now le'ts get into how to deal with a Psychic Vampire.

Keep Yourself Grounded

Being able to remain grounded and focused is one of your greatest defences against Energy Vampires. Controlling your emotions especially around Energy Vampires will make all the difference in giving them what they want or blocking them out. Don't start to show emotions and keep a stone-faced approach when dealing with these people, especially if they're someone who doesn't realise they're doing it or if it someone in your life you are not ready to give up.

Establish Boundaries

Putting boundaries into place is essential, learn to say "NO". This can be a hard thing to learn at first because you don't want to hurt or upset people but this is an important life skill to learn. It will give you more confidence in decision making as well as more confidence in saying what you want. If you know of an energy vampire try to avoid private or one-on-one dates like coffee dates or even drinks down the local. You on your own is a much easier victim to manipulate into giving your emotional energy out so try and stick with group activities. If you work with one, avoid eating lunch together or stopping by their workspace to chat. If they come to you and you don't want them there then apply your boundary and keep grounded. You are not an arsehole for saying "I need to carry on with work" or more simply "no thank you". You are your own person, not their pet.

Don't give them an Inch or They'll go a Mile

If an Energy Vampire calls you, or stops you in your tracks, don't allow them the time to have the room. Keep interactions brief and simple. Do not ask them about personal life or if they use any of the tactics mentioned above then do not give them any of you. Give an excuse to exit the engagement, If you see them approaching you could pretend to be on the phone, or if they stop you you are in your rights to say "I'm busy at the minute" or "I'm really tired". When they start getting booked by excuses they will move on to the next person and that is not your problem... just show them this blog post or teach them what you have learnt from my blog so they can continue.

Cut Them Out Entirely

Now, this isn't the easiest of the options available but it is the one most destined to work. By completely removing them from your life you don't have to walk on eggshells when they are near and you can simply live your life. Remember, this is survival and do you want to remain energetically drained or would you rather feel free and not someone energetic meal? Having the ability to remove someone from your life takes great strength, especially if it is someone close to you but if you cannot apply the other steps or you feel its getting worse then it is better to leave or ask them to leave.

Seek a Witch

A Witch can be a greta help when dealing with Psychic Vampires. We can offer a protective charm to prevent them from draining your energy and to shield you from their energetic attacks. Though remember not every witch will know how so seek one you trust and make sure they have knowledge with Energy Vampires.

At The Grey Witch I take great pride in making as many protection alternatives to suit anybodies needs. Below are just a couple of options but my site has many more for you to check out

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