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Juniper and Amethyst Pendulum

Juniper and Amethyst Pendulum

Juniper berries bead the pendulum's hand waxed cord to ward and protect the user and prevent any negative energies that may come to the user when in use.

An ethically sourced Amethyst crystal is set in eco friendly clay to bring psychic abilities and protection to the pendulum which gives this pendulum a great charge of energy! On the back of the pendulum is a hand carved sigil famous here at The Grey Witch for protection of the user.

Nails have long been associated with protection in witchcraft and so a nail has been added to the end of the pendulum to offer a more comfortable grip and a great deal of protective energies.


*This item is handcrafted so please allow 1-2 weeks after your order has been placed until your item(s) are dispatched. This charm is frgaile so handle with care, look after your pendulum and they will look after you.

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