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My Magickal consultation


When I first heard Brianna talk on a tik tok live stream and saw the Crowely tarot deck I knew that this was a strong courageous honest  knowledgeable woman of her crafts . 

Iv seen so many spiritual woman yet this one's soul is a born natural authentic Romani Witch who is skilled to a level iv never before come across.  I simply had to book a session with her as questions that had been unanswered for years and years which confused and disturbed me needed a higher opinion and I needed guidance as to how to  find a part of myself I was searching for 


Brianna helped me find what my soul needed in order to become more in tune with my true nature .

She gave me specific advice on how to develop simple yet profound skills which made me feel focused and constructive because her advice was in tune and felt so right  I appreciated that guidance incredibly .


Brianna is very grounded and down to earth easy to talk with and has a huge amount of knowledge and wisdom  Brianna is exstreamly gifted and one of a kind I felt lucky to of been able to share a consultation with her and yes it was Truely Magical .

Thank you Brianna 


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