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Welcome Back!

April, the true start of the 'New Year' where life begins to blossom back to life and nature begins its new cycles finally among us!

Tarot de Rom is available to order as well as an exclusive decorative art piece designed in house.

'Dark Catholicism' set to launch Easter Sunday, 31st March!

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The Grey Witch

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Services we Provide

We take huge amounts of pride in offering highly requested services which always leave you wanting to come back for the Magick that is The Grey Witch. From divination to spell crafting there is so much for you to enjoy!



Enjoy From the Comfort of Your Home

Frequently utilized by most of our customers, this service has been essential to success on many occasions. 
Gain answers to your questions and explore what the future holds for you using the divine art of divination using various methods for you to choose from


Learn from the Witch

gain knowledge instantly

Get in contact with The Grey Witch to gain insight to arcane knowledge from Herbs and Crystals to Spellcasting and Magical advice


Bespoke Spell Crafting

Made Just for You

Want something a little more personal than off the shelf products? This service allows you to tailor make a spell with our Free consultation when you choose this service