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Ma Kali Devotional Oil 10ml

Ma Kali Devotional Oil 10ml

Ma Kali, destroyer of demons and evil. Dark mother of protection, warriors, and change. Following the life cycle of ma Kali: from pavarti to Dhumavati, this oil has been devotionally crafted with mantra and offerings each step of the way to ensure the highest respect to Devi Kali.

This oil can be used in devotional working for Ma Kali or used magickally for protection, assisting in change, combating darkness, and for defending those in need.

To use devotionally anoint your idol with a few drops or add to offerings/candles/diya on Kali puja (October 24th) and to use magickally you can anoint a candle, add to spell pouches, poppets, charms, etc whilst reciting:

“Om Krim Kali”

*do not ingest

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