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Let's start to beat those post covid habits by setting goals and charging those goals with my motivationails... Gotta love a play on word!


Motivationails are best used to help you along in your goals to keep you energised and motivated to keep going. If you want to lose the covid weight (I know i do), maybe you want to start something new but need that extra kick, whatever you want motivation for these nails are here to help!


To use, you can write your goal on a piece of paper/pachement and envision what that end goal looks like for you. Once you are happy with the outcome strike the nail through and say:


You can then leave the spell hidden somewhere in your home, bury it in a plant pot, or for best results with motivation outdoors leave it under your door mat so you walk over it everytime you leave your house.


You get 2 motivationails wichh have been through trial of fire, water, earth, and air to imbue them with the powers of the elements and kept charged for your use in a silk organza pouch with peppermint and organic coffee grounds for energy.


*Do not consume the herbs in this pouch!

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