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Spirit Fetish

Spirit Fetish

My handcrafted Spirit Fetish is the one thing all practitioners should have on their altars if thye work with spirits. This fetish acts as a vessel for the spirits you work with so they can aid you along in your spell work as well as guiding you. You can have multiple to house more spirits. The more the merrier!

A powerful Sigil has been inscribed into the front to ensure your spirit is safe and there to help you as well as making sure thye remain safe inside your new spirit fetish. On the arms we have the masculine and feminine symbols for balance and a protection sigil is carved onto the base to keep you and the fetish safe from negative energy.


To keep your spirit Fetish happy and charged leave offerings of Rum, Brandy, Wine, or Whiskey or you can leave milk. Offerings of food such as bread or nuts can also be left as offerings to your spirit fetish. Keeping them content will allow for greater relationships with the spirits you work with so it's a win win.


This item is made using eco-freindly natural clay and made to order so may require 1-2 weeks after placing your order for your item to be dispatched in eco friendly and recycleable packaging

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