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St Therese Rosary - Real Roses

St Therese Rosary - Real Roses

These beautiful rosaries are handcrafted by a monastery in Vatican City using real rose petals that have been dried and ground up then formed into hard beads using natural materials and is the traditional style of rosary (hence the name Rosary- Rose). The scent alone of these rosaries are a the piece of heaven and make for beautiful devotion of the rosary.

St Therese is the patron saint of florists, missions, the sick, loss of parents, and priests. She was a miraculous woman that gave her full and undivided love. Each Rosary comes in a commemorative keepsake box with information leaflet enclosed.

Use this rosary in your devotional workings or use magickally like we do! The rosary can be used in love rituals, bindings, as well as healings and acts as a strong protective talisman to ward off evil.

All rosaries will be blessed and prayed over before they are sent out to you adding an extra layer of magick to the beautiful rosary

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