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Witch's Protection Candle

Witch's Protection Candle

Want a taste of true protection? Look no further


My highly protective 'Witch's Protection Candle' is made using locally sourced soy candles for a long and clean burn time which is enchanted with a spell of protection and to send unwanted enrrgy back to the source, blessed with a highly protective oil of my creation, imbued with herbs of protection and warding, and finished with the protective magick of nails to lock everything in place and to focus it’s magick on protecting the user.

This candle can be used during magick working such as spell crafting as a measn to keep you protected particularly if you are working with banevolent magicks. You can use it whilst you astral project to keep your vessel safe from negative energies and ill-intentions from others.


Simply light the candle and bask in the glow of the flame, the hard work has been done for you

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