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Balance Maketh the Witch

I'm a traditional witch; I work with both positive and negative, light and dark, aspects of Magick and energy and there is a great reason for this. Balance.

Traditional (English) witchcraft has something in common with an ancient religion all the way in China and that is Taoism, or Daoism. Taoism and Traditional (English) Witchcraft has the understanding and teaching that life must be of balance for you cannot have one without the other: There cannot be light without the dark

and vice-versa. This is where we get the Yin Yang symbol, an image of balance and unity of the light and dark. Traditional (English) Witchcraft does not use this symbol but we do recognise this in modern day practice.

Isn't it amazing how a similar belief was in place on the opposite side of the world?!

"Even the Sun casts the darkest of shadows"

- The Grey Witch

Now, there are those out there who exclusively avoid the dark and negative energies or solely work with the dark and avoid the positive energies that reside in the world but in my belief that is like trying to drive a car without an engine or wheels. To understand the light one must work in the dark and the same applies

for the dark. It is about balance. Balance is how the world works, it's how nature works, it's how all life on this planet works. When you begin to work closer with spirits and energies of the land you will begin to learn this and it may be a massive wake-up call if you are a person who preaches "Love and Light".

So what does this mean for those "Love and Light" people? Well, I believe that they practice and work with dark and negative energies without them even knowing! Love Magick can be seen as dark or negative as it is a form of manipulation, Protection and wards can be seen as negative energy because it is sending back energy that could cause harm to the caster, even abundance or money spells can be seen as negative or dark for it invokes energy of greed. It's all subjective really, as is what is "good" or "bad".

Is it bad to kill a murderer or is it good to prevent further attacks? Magick is just as complicated and subjective as that question and will unveil many different answers as well as their own questions and contradictions.

A balanced Witch is a powerful Witch for they have learnt the ways of the dark and light and are able to hold this energy within them. They have endured the darkness to learn how to use it and fight it, a spiritual journey not many can make. Some enter the dark and never return so before starting your journey of balance learn the foundations of the craft which you can check out in another one of my blogs > to better equip yourself when you do make the leap in your practice. It isn't an easy road to traverse and I believe that's why many of these Neo-witches stay away from the negative and dark side of the craft because it is a lot of work compared to the simplicity of light working and, the new buzzword, "MANIFESTATION"

The uses of manifestation that I have seen are... interesting to say the least but also damn right outrageous but that is a sidetrack for another blog post!

So remember witches, witchcraft is about balance. It isn't all sugar and spice and everything nice or love and light. It's got darkness, ickiness, messiness, sinister, scary, dangerous, evils, and everything in between involved.

☽✧ For Balance Maketh the Witch ✧☾

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