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Let's Talk About 'WITCHTOK'

I'm sure most of you have heard of the tiktok subcategory called "witchtok", a place where practitioners all over the world share their craft, give advice, and.... start drama like an episode of 'Keeping up with the Kardashions'.

If you don't have tiktok then this is your pre-warning to the wild world of witchtok and "witchtok drama"... yes that too is a hashtag that gets used *eye roll*

You're probably thinking "why don't you just not use the app?" Well there is a fair few well versed witches that share a great deal of knowledge on the app including myself. Navigating the tricky misinformation that you will find aaalllll over the app though is one draw back. If you are going on the app to seek knowledge I can tell you right now to not do. There are 3 types of witches on tiktok and they are as follow:

  • The "Holier than thou" Witches - These witches think they know everything that there is to know within the practices of various countries including the closed ones that belong to those who are initiated and a part of that cultural Magick. They act as though they are the one stop for all newcomers and call the newcomers "baby witches" (vomit inducing I know) and spout out a load of "information" that is more often than not extremely inaccurate. They usually have a cult following of quite a large quantity but their enthusiasm and ego masks for the lack of knowledge.

  • The Wiccans - These types of practitioners will love to tell you how to practice YOUR craft when they are only 15 and practiced for a few months. It is a shame as it brings the entire Wiccan community down very quickly but the spouting of "3 fold law!!!" and "THAT'S INCORRECT BECAUSE IT GOES AGAINST THE WICCAN REDE" will surely leave a foul taste in your mouth. I have encountered many of these on the app but I've been practicing for longer than most of these kids have been alive (and that is a terrifying thought) so I ignore and continue along on my path, but to newcomers it can be so discouraging for them as they feel the need to be indoctrinated into the Wiccan beliefs, which lets remind ourselves which only began in the 1950s compared to the ancient practices a lot of us traditional witches follow.

  • The Learned Witches - ahhhhh, we can now relax away from the chaos that is withctok with the learned witches which reside on the app. We are on the app to help newcomers get a better understanding of the wide variety of practices as well as sharing our stories and practices without judgement. We are there to answer questions in areas that we actually have knowledge in and not just making wild accusations so you can learn correctly as to not cause harm to yourself. This is a place where witches from all around can feel no judgement whilst they learn and connect with other genuine witches who care more for learning than the "aesthetic". You will also find other sellers in this category of magickal wares and spells.

Tread through the wilds of Witchtok carefully and use your intuition to know who is spewing rubbish and who has been learning for a long time. Check their knowledge and see how they engage with those who comment, a lot of the time these are the most direct ways to tell who is far from the tree of wisdom.

If you want to enjoy some Magick over on tiktok give me a follow @thee.grey.witch

For Celtic Magick check out @Raven_Stronghold she is a lovely witch from Ireland who knows her stuff and will happily share with you parts of her craft.

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Cameron Waine
Cameron Waine
Jun 23, 2021

Completely agree. Especially the part about dissing wiccans

Jun 23, 2021
Replying to

They truly leave me feeling icky afterwards 😂

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