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Tarot is Calling... Are You Going to Answer?

Tarot, by definition, is "a set of 78 cards with pictures on them, used for trying to find out what will happen to someone in the future". I'm sure by now we are all very familiar with the hundreds-of-thousands of Tarot decks that are circulating in todays world from the minimal style to the most highly adorned. Each set calls out to different people and so today I am hoping you will learn a little about my favourite Tarot decks as well as understanding your own style of deck.

Let's begin shall we?

The classic deck that is one of my personal favourites especially amongst newcomers are the Rider Waite Deck by Pamela Colman Smith who was biracial and also maintained romantic relationships with other women. You probably didn't expect that little fact did you? Well that is due to the white washing that is still very prevalent in the Tarot Community today but you're hear to learn about various decks and not history so we shall cover that another day.

This deck features your standard 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards each beautifully designed to showcase a vast array of imagery within a handheld tool. You will notice first its striking colours and large amount of detailing within each of the cards. This is to allow you to really study the cards and get a feel for the life inside.

I bought my first deck 6 years ago from a bookstore as I always had a strong pull towards divination as my grandmother was a palm reader and my Romani heritage has brought my family amazing gifts within the spiritual world. I bought a tarot book as well as following Pamela's booklet of what each card represents but something just wasn't fitting right with me. Readings were very basic and a lot of the time did not fit to what the questions being asked were so I put Tarot aside for a while until something pulled me back in and said "Intuition". I've always had voices appear to me but never so cryptic but then it clicked... Intuition with the Cards! The difference I had with my readings was monumental! I was actually able to see things that I never saw before and now when I did my readings it was almost like a movie was playing in my mind of how that persons life would be. The more I did readings the more vivid the "movies" would become which in turn made reading even easier. From Tarot Reading I learnt how to channel another persons energy through photos and video calls which meant I was now able to extend my services across the globe. what's even better is the camera is able to pick up on auras much more easily so I can also see auras much clearer than I would do in person.

Up next on list is the highly powerful, and extremely honest, Thoth Deck by Lady Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley. Now, when I say this deck is honest I mean BRUTALLY honest. Unlike Colman Smith's deck which has something more of a lighthearted nature the Thoth deck is straight to the point with no wiggle room to make a negative into a positive. This deck taught me a lot about how to deliver "bad news" readings to people which allowed space for comfort and understanding. It was also with this deck that I fully mastered Psychic Aura Readings which I have never met another Tarot Reader to do. I use the cards to delve deep within yourself and bring to the surface what makes you, you. It shows how things from the external world has influenced your internal being but also can bring forward ancestors, guides, and deities... and sometimes the odd pet.

This deck features heavily on sacred geometry and, as the name implies, Egyptian beliefs. Through this medium of sacred geometry we are able to see things one may not and so I do not recommend this deck to those starting out in their Tarot journey but that is just my own take. There are very distinctive differences between each suit so for example the disks are very centred around nature and the element of Earth, Swords are about the element of air and life, cups are for the element of water and show change, and swords represent the element of fire and passion.

Would I recommend this deck for newcomers? absolutely not as to understand the imagery of these cards one must either religiously study Aleisters Book of Thoth or have a deep connection with reading intuitively to allow the messages to come through. I know many readers who found the Thoth deck one of the most difficult decks to read but on the flip side I have known readers, like me, to connect with this deck beyond just the physical.

This blog only features two decks but that is because I am not much of a fan to have many tarot decks, only because I do not feel it is necessary to have a library of decks. sure, have as many decks as you want in the beginning to find a deck that resonates with you on more than just a physical level and it may take years or it may take minutes to realise "This is the deck for me"

so, Tarot is Calling... Are You Going to Answer?

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