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Working with the Dead

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Being a grey witch means I get to explore many different areas of spirituality and mysticism including death and necromancy. When you hear "necromancy" I bet your mind goes to raising the dead to do your bidding? Right? well you wouldn't be too far off!

The term, necromancy, encompasses many different practices all to do with the other side, or the astral plane. Things like Ouija boards, spirit pendulums, table tipping, conjuration, and even speaking to the dead is all forms of necromancy. Priests who commune with the "Holy Spirit" are essentially necromancers... if you believe in the Christian faith.

I have been working with both spirits of the land and dead for many years of my life now and it all stemmed from my childhood. My mother was never one to fear the paranormal, in fact she actively engaged in it and as did I. I grew up in our normal haunted houses, each one with their own spirits and encounters which sometimes shook us and other times calmed us. It was through these experiences I was able to discern "good" from "evil" (Though these terms are completely subjective to the individual). This is a very important skill to learn when you wish to start working with spirits to help you with your spiritual and magickal practices as there are spirits out there to cause harm and carry heavy, dark energies. Though, these can be used to your advantage! If you want to work baneful Magick these spirits can be called upon to inflict their damage on the desired targets though these usually come at a price. Now I'm not talking "taking your soul" but it can mean taking some of your energy or taking refuge in your home (I advise to NOT do these methods as you can end up having to get someone to remove these spirits and can lead to so many problems later down the line) but you can also provide offerings for the spirit to "feed" off of and make it go on its way afterwards.

It is very rare I call upon these types of spirits. 1) They are energetically draining, and 2) It lowers your vibration by being in their presence which can take a toll on your mental and magickal health. The spirits I mainly work with are my ancestors or land spirits that are native to me. They come in many different forms that sometimes look terrifying but there is no physical appearance in their world which is deemed "scary". They take whatever form they wish though they're usually in the form of beasts of the wild or nature based beings, similar to ents.

When working with spirits, as the saying goes "keep your spirits high" and by that I mean keep yourself protected and allow these spirits to do a lot of the legwork in raising the energy required for spell-casting. This is an old practice that Witches would do to raise energy and some witches would "ride the hedge" (Known as hedge witches" where they would astral project over the surrounding village boundaries to commune and work with the spirits to cast their spells with the aid of the spirits. Wicca, from what I have seen, will have you use your own energy which I find limiting and restrictive as you only have so much energy to give (Though I guess that is made up for by joining in with other Wiccans so you all have your own energy to add to the mix) but either way, this is another reason why I keep as far away from the Wiccan faith.

Being a psychic reader I get my information from the spirits I work with and this is mainly where my ancestors come on to the scene. As you may know my ancestry is Rrom, or Romani, and my lineage is very spiritually gifted. Thanks ancestry! This means that reading the cards is not like how many readers do their readings. Whilst many readers will memorise the card meanings that were predestined by the cards authors, I am able to receive many messages and "snippets" from your life which my ancestors have been able to pull up to my attention. There are a few readers out there who use spirits in their readings and you will be amazed at what an be revealed that makes anybody a believer immediately. Now, the one thing I never do is predict a persons death.

Can I do it?


Why don't I do it?

It can seriously mess up your pathways in life and can cause unnecessary stress and worry. Why would you want to go through your life just waiting for that day? But also, with tarot there can be mistakes made, that's normal and expected from EVERY reader and so it can cause even more stress on the client that could be caused due to a complete error on the readers behalf. (If a reader says they have never made an incorrect prediction... run! Run as far away from them as possible!) If a reader tells you about your death, do not stress yourself about that reading as it is most likely false in means for you to buy more products and readings from them on "ways to prevent your death" and its a shame there are many scam artists out there who besmirch the wonders of the Tarot so before booking in with any reader I always advise you to background check them. Read reviews, see their content, even if you book in with me I always hope people have read the reviews beforehand because my readings can be very in-depth and not many people expect that.

My ancestors are not afraid to connect me with death which is where I get a lot of my visions from. I am able to pick up on how something has died through visuals and sensations which is still a surprise to me when it happens. I don't think you can ever truly brace yourself for seeing death. Recently I bought a cow heart as part of a curse and upon touching the heart I was able to see the cow and how it was killed. I gave my blessings to the animal and thanked it for its sacrifice (my butchers are ethical and not factory farmers) and moved its energy on to the next life. But it was still a shock to me when I see these things... why can't I see lottery numbers instead!

So, how do you work with spirits?

Begin by connecting to your land to begin feeling its energies and connect with the local flora and fauna. From there you can start asking the spirits of the land to come forward and show themselves to you. They will have seen you treat the local land with respect and honour (as long as you DO treat the land with respect) and will in time begin to reveal themselves to you. One land spirit name that I have come to me a lot is Peshywick, a birch tree spirit. To connect with spirits of the deceased sit in your local cemeteries and graveyards. bring offerings and clean old tombstones and headstones, bring flowers to show your respect. I like to close my eyes before entering a cemetery and letting myself get drawn to a headstone and then trying to connect with the spirit before reading the headstone. This is also a greta way in strengthening your psychic abilities. A true witch shall never fear the silence of a graveyard or the spirits they may see wandering around the grounds, though it can be a surprise the first time you see something wandering around!

You may start to build a connection to one, or multiple, spirits in that graveyard and eventually you can ask them to work with you. ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION! If I hear any of you forced a spirit into working with you then you have my ancestors to deal with. Forcing a spirit into working for you is like greeting a person with a punch in the nose and then telling them they have to work for you or else. Do not trap a spirit, unless it is a spirit that has caused harm, as again this is highly disrespectful but will also ruin any chances you have in building great relationships with spirits. They all see you and will avoid you if you do.

Things to remember when working with spirits

1) Always be respectful to spirits no matter what, even to the negative energies you will encounter. You cannot fight anger with anger.

2) Do NOT trap or force a spirit into working for you. It will ruin everything you worked on.

3) Spirit working is a slow process but has high rewards! It can take years to build those relationships so never lose hope.

4) Land spirits will remember how you treat the land, they're not going to respond to you if you litter or actively contribute to harming the land and earth. Accidents can be negotiated.

5) Touch is a big thing here. Touch the land, touch the headstones, touch everything (carefully!) and start to build your psychic abilities and open your third eye.

6) You will not always "see" things. You may experience psychic abilities through many different forms and variations such as smell, taste, hearing, clear knowing, etc.

7) Spirits LOVE booze, particularly rum, brandy, and whisky. They are great for offerings!

8) Other offerings can include bread, nuts, milk, honey, money, apples, flowers.


Now with that, go and be spooky!

To learn more check out my private consultation services or book in a reading to have the cards read for you! I also have a spirit fetish to be a vessel for any spirits you work with, all listed below.

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